Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alzheimer's Initiative Auction Quilts for October

The Alzheimer's Initiative's monthly auction has opened today and will run for the first 10 days in October.  Follow the link below to view some wonderful little pieces - all proceeds go toward the Alzheimer's Initiative. Not only is it spending for a great cause, but acquiring a wonderful piece of art.  These small pieces - no larger than 9 x 12, have varied themes and because of their size can find a place almost anywhere in one's home.
     I am pleased that my piece - "Sh'rooms" was chosen for the auction this month.  It was created with all hand-dyed fabrics, beading, bobbin work and screening.  The "beaded dots" around the edge is my favorite edge treatment and one I learned from Mary Stori who is an excellent beader and fiber artist.  I seem to use this edging on a lot of things. My newest Alzheimer's piece will have it also.  
So follow the link and click on the bright pink word - auction which will bring you to the auction quilts page.  You'll love what you see.

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  1. I love posts and auctions like this! I have been telling all my friends how important Alzheimer’s patient care, it is something I'm very passionate about. Thank you for sharing this with us!