Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Morning

Well, it's been a while since I've posted, been doing grandma duty for the last week+.  My husband and I went to Atlanta to deliver a bookcase he made for Audrey's room and then we headed back to Asheville on Sunday morning along with Jill and Audrey.  I was in the "Girls Only" car to watch the baby while John took our car.  Jill and Audrey were coming for a week - perfect timing with Jill's hubby being out of town.  So this cute little lady below, now 7 weeks old, has taken over our household and every spare moment of our time. I've never seen so many things for one little baby including the huge bouncy ball (used in yoga) to lull them to sleep. The car was jam packed.
Back in my studio,  I did manage to pull out a panel I bought many years ago at a quilt show. They had it made into a quilt. All the squares were separated with some cute little block work going on in between. I wish I could remember some of the cute things they did, but thought this would be a darling baby quilt, so I'm off and running with a new project.
 At the time, I also bought some coordinating fabric and will go through some of my hand dyes to pull in.
I did manage to give Audrey a tour of my studio and showed her all the fabrics on the design wall. She's getting so alert and loves the color so we're hoping early exposure will ignite a spark for quilting.  They say things skip a generation, in that case she will be a quilter!
A grandma can hope
Til next time....


  1. Aw, Judy, she's beautiful! I know you're swimming in a happy grandma world. :)

  2. Audrey is the cutest little angel!!! Even if she does come with tons of stuff!!!