Monday, September 10, 2012

Coloring Photos

I use a lot of photos in my work and many of them are older and black and white.  When I use newer photos, I sometimes turn them into black and white or sepia, I just like the look.  Sometimes it's fun to add just a tad bit more color on a black and white photo - not the whole thing but in a couple of places.  In the photos below, green was added behind the mailboxes and more green on the rocks.  That's my mom in the middle picture - a little bit of coral was added.   The drawing of a hand on top was printed on fabric and a tiny bit of fleshtone color was added to it. 
 There are many things you can use. One of the products I love is the Memory pencils; they're really not intended for fabric but for books, but since I don't wash my art quilt pieces, I'm fine with using them.  They are lightfast and fade proof.  Paintsticks would also work; when allowed to dry for a week, they are permanent and washable. But I love the feel of working with colored pencils - like being a kid again

Til next time....

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