Friday, September 7, 2012

Another UFO finished!

I had decided when the new year began that this was the year to finish, to clean up or toss.  I've stuck to my plans;  this is hard for me not to be enticed by some new technique or fabric but that will be on next years list. One of the things on my list was to finish this beautiful top given to me by a wonderful group of friends from Marietta, GA where I used to live.  The group was/is called Friday group - can you guess why? You're right, we always met on friday.  I was with the group for 16 years and when I came in, some gals had already been there for 10 years.   We watched each other's children grow up, get married, have children - happy times along with tearful ones where we provided many hugs and moral support. This beautiful top was given to me over 9 years ago, all the squares signed by members of the group; all I had to do was quilt it.
 I thought this deserves to be hand-quilted and I did start with good intentions.  But my hands aren't what they used to be and the many black fabric areas - my eyes couldn't handle so I switched to machine quilting.
 Anyway, I did finish it, I love it and enjoy looking at all the squares that are signed by such very dear people and friends who were such a big part of my life.
Thank you Friday Group....I love you all!

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