Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Walk Through the Garden and Other Places

Every year we make our yearly trek to Painter's Nursery, a huge nursery in Old Fort, NC.  It opens for 5 months of the year - the rest of the time is spent getting ready for the season. We always go for the heirloom tomatoes, hard to find but wind up buying far more than a few tomato plants. To a gardener, this place is Paradise.

 The color is amazing.
 There are also outside gardens and tents with plants; we didn't even make it to the tents this year.
 So back home, everything is blooming, I'm sneezing but also loving the bright green "new growth" and gorgeous color.
 Our cherry tree is one of my favorite things.

 My son is an artist and loves garden art.  He found these logs, drilled out parts of them and planted grass in them - I love them.
 And some beautiful tulips - love the multi-colors.
 We are on 3 acres; my husband and son being gardeners would fill up every inch of dirt if I gave the okay. This garden is in the back, one of the prettiest because of all the spring flowers.
 There's even a little house my husband built to set in the middle.
And to save the best til last - our Bluebird house once again has a new family in it. It will be the first of several this year. We love watching them - no babies yet, but plenty of activity going on.
Happy Spring.

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