Tuesday, April 23, 2013

River's Edge - Done

I've had some good studio time these past several weeks and was able to finish or make a dent in some of my ongoing projects.  My purple and gold piece is done and now known as Leaves.  It was a challenge because most of the fabric was deconstructed screen printed fabric, which is fun but very busy.  Luckily I had made enough in the same color way so there was lots to work with.  The imagery was so busy, I played down the quilting so as not to overpower it.
The quilting was done using a monofilament on top and purple rayon on the back.  I also used these wonderful Microtex Sharp 60/8 needles. The needle hole barely shows.  When using a very fine thread such as a monofilament, it's a great combination.
Basically, I quilted around the shapes to give texture.
The rocks were fun to do; in the solid areas, I quilted a design.
I quilted the "vine" theme in the couple of blank areas I had.
The leaves were probably my favorite part. I just outlined them and did the veins inside.
And the finished piece.


  1. I really love the composition.
    You know how to emphasize a design without overpowering it with quilting.
    Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks so much for the needle info... I'm just about to fmq a border, and was pondering this very thing.
    Love your beautiful colors and attention to detail.

  3. Wow! This is beautiful! The colors are so great and I love the quilting. Tracing can be so relaxing!

  4. Lovely work! The color palette is beautiful.

  5. love the finished piece Judy. I especially like the tree coming into the frame of the piece you turned over and used the back. Is that screen printed or did you do that with thread?

    1. Hi Marilyn....The tree is screenprinted....I love thread painting but it's too hard on my hands and eyes....

  6. PS... Love the look of your blog's new style/colors!

  7. Very nice! I do believe that sometimes less is more as far as the quilting goes. It should enhance the piece and not overpower it.

  8. ohhhh love love this - I love how organic the fabric is and pairing it with the images - plus adding the texture - lovely!

  9. Lovely piece. I like the depth and texture you've achieved here. And of course, the purple/yellow, gold combination is appealing.
    best, nadia

  10. This is a wonderful piece. And thanks for the needle info.