Monday, April 1, 2013

Windows I - Redone

I started this quilt several years back using photos of windows and rock walls I loved. The windows had a haunting quality to them and the rock walls were old and interesting.
BUT, hard as I tried, I never connected with this piece. I left it on my design wall for a long time with no clue what it was that bothered me, so eventually I packed it away with other UFOs. Since this was the year to rework, finish or toss, I decided to give it another try.
I really loved the windows with the peeling paint and crumbling cement which is why I held onto it.

I think what bothered me about the original piece was this big tree, and since it was silk screened on with textile paint, it was there to stay.
It just took over the whole quilt - what was I thinking.
So I took it apart, putting aside the pictures I liked and wanted to use again.
I tossed the smaller pieces (above) even though I usually save the tiniest bits of fabric and thread; I just wanted them gone.
I decided on a new color palette. Some of the digital imagery had a blue-ish cast to it, so I decided to pull in that color using thread, paintstiks and fabric.
This beautiful couching thread is from Kreinik Threads and left over from my Fairfield Fashion show designing days when the sponsors sent you tons of stuff.  It's a little thicker and stiffer than the Candlelight I always use but the color was perfect.
It does add some nice sparkle and brings out the blue in the tree, so we'll see what happens as I move along - more next time.

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