Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nature Center Inspiration

I had my 8 month old granddaughter visiting this past week and one of the things we did was to visit the Nature Center in Asheville.  It's been many years since I've been there and there are many more animals and walking paths, picnic areas - it was a wonderful day.
 All of the animals are native to this part of the country making it more personal and fun.
 Audrey was fascinated with the huge snake she tried to reach out and touch, oops except for that glass in the way.
 The cougars were among my favorite. Being a lover of cats, it was fun to see the big cats doing the same thing as my 4 domestic ones.

 And there are still lots of "winter trees" which I love with all the crazy configuration of branches.
My most fascinating time was with the wolves....all kinds - red, grey and white, and at one point they all set to howling, each kind of wolf had a different howl -  it was amazing. One of those moments you wish for but rarely happen. And so here is my inspiration - to photograph these beautiful animals through a chain linked fence or glass. I did both but when I did the glass, the trees behind me reflected on the glass and came through on the picture of the wolf I didn't realize this until I downloaded the photos. I love the "double exposure" kind of thing and am thinking I might want to do a quilt using this picture.


  1. Yes, Yes, yes....I totally see this image inspirating you......can't wait to see it reproduced in fabric!

  2. Judy when I first saw the white wolf with the tree reflection I thought you had done this in in Photo Shop. You can do this type of image it's how I did "Ohm" and "Spirit".

    1. Hi Marilyn....I do layering in Photoshop all the time...I took Pat Minks weeklong workshop also...this just happened which I thought was so serendipitous