Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Windows I Redone - DONE!

I've had some time to work with my Windows piece - see last weeks post. I was never really happy with it - one of the things being the colors so I decided to change the color palette.  
Through the use of couching threads and paintsticks, I created a very different look.
I love using paintsticks and find that I use them more and more.
Sometimes just a touch applied with a very tiny stencil brush (around 1/4" in diameter) does the trick.  A little bit of gold and aqua were added to trees to help carry the new color theme throughout.
I also brushed a little bit of Lumiere textile paint across one of the fabrics for a little sparkle.
Then I had to decide where to put the borders - black on top or bottom.
Bottom won out.
I wrote on one of the fabrics with charcoal and since it was an art quilt, sprayed it with a fixative to make it permanent. The black border was an old Damask tablecloth which was dyed with a blue-ish black and worked well with the blues in this piece.

I stitched around the trees with monofilament and also gold thread to highlight it in places
and added a little writing on one of the borders.
So from this...
to this.....DONE!


  1. Not just done...WELL done!!!

  2. What a transformation.....NOT that the first version wasn't fabulous as the use of the paint sticks!!

  3. Wow, that is a beautiful piece of work and thank you for sharing how you created it. Those paint sticks really do the trick of shading. And the thread enhancing it all. Great:)

  4. These are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing them and the process!

  5. Awesome! The old one was good, but this is great. More depth now - well done.

  6. wow - Now I liked the old palette - but I like the new one too - its wild how you can change the palette like that! its great - I like how you use value to create depth and a focal point!

  7. great piece,Judy. Just got a set of paint stick I need to play with them a little.

  8. Very impressive! Thank you for showing us the process!