Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Dumb Mistake

Well, I am a dummy. I've been ordering silk from this company for years; I know how it arrives, always the same...
 in a roll, wrapped in heavy black plastic, usually a piece of paper in between the paper and fabric (except I was thinking it was corrugated cardboard, not paper). You know - most packages you get in the mail are tightly packed, it takes more than 1 person to open, and this was no exception. After much struggling,  I took a razor blade, and thinking I had plenty of wiggle room..
 I ran it down the length of black plastic and to my surprise - cut through to the roll of silk organza.
 I didn't think it was so bad at first, but then started peeling off the layers and layers
 and layers.  I was mad at myself but then measured out the strips.  Each strip was 9" wide before the next accidental cut.  When I print on fabric, I cut them 9" wide X the width of the fabric, in this case 54" and then I Bubble Jet them.  So now I have ALL this fabric;  I have no choice but use it for printing!
Was it fate?...hmmmmmm....


  1. did you cut through the ENTIRE roll???

  2. Hi Kay, no fortunately I didn't, but only because this is a wholesale account and I have to buy a large amount....probably ruined around 6 yards out of 20-25.....