Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Walk in the Garden

Well, it's that time of year, some inspiration from our garden for quilt projects.  My husband and son are the gardeners and do a great job. I'm their biggest fan. Here are some of the wonderful spring blooms.

 The peonies are just starting to pop and they will be glorious when in full bloom. There seems to be a hundred buds on each plant so I'm anxious for them to open.
 This is a two-color peony we just bought this year.  My mom and grandmother shared a peony garden when they lived next to each other.  I remember it as a child; I can't look at a peony and not think of my mom and how much she would have loved this.
 The Iris's are glorious, love the two color ones.
 Of all the things in our garden, our Fat Alberts are my favorite.  We have 3 of them and they are named. The first which is now huge is just Fat Albert (its real name), the second is Hilda after hubby's mom who loved the Fat Alberts and the third because it's the smallest is Molly, named after our youngest and smallest cat.  They are spread out; it just helps when we're talking about different parts of the garden to say the name.
 This is our blue bird house which presently has a family living in it. It was also the subject of a quilt I did a few years back.
 Our back garden with knock out roses which give so much color and last so long.
 My son has rigged up a pole inside this flower pot for the clematis flowers to climb on.
 And more roses along the wall...
 and two-tones Iris's...
And my son's touch - taking some brick and growing blue spruce sedum (stonecrop) out of the holes - very clever!

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  1. Judy My favorite is the peony. Just cut some from my garden and brought them in the house. I kept think of John's garden when we saw the mountains was getting frost. It doesn't look like it was harmed.