Monday, May 6, 2013

New Silkscreens

Yesterday was a perfect day for indoor projects - rainy and cold outside, almost felt like the beginning of winter. I had a number of silk screens I was itching to make. They take very little time with a Thermofax machine but then I go back and tape around the edges as the screen film is thin and needs the support of duct tape. I also make an image on the outside of the folder it's stored in and an image on clear plastic so I can preview them on top of quilts. 

 This is actually a remake of one I use so much, I wore it out.  The image is a picture I took on the Blue Ridge Parkway years back.
 This next image was from a Dover copyrite free coloring book. I really liked the image.
 And more trees with the image on clear plastic to the right.
 Looks like the same group of trees, a different angle.
 And more of the same; I do take lots of pictures of trees which I use so much, nice to have a variety.
These were tombstones in a cemetery; I took the picture years ago.  I do like cemeteries with old tombstones and crumbling rocks. I thought these were wonderful.  It was a challenge to get them to this point to make a silk screen. More to come soon.

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