Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fiber Junkies - Fabric Paper, pt.1

Our Fiber Junkies meeting for January was moved back a week due to weather; we're also missing Val (in Florida) and Gen (still under the weather). With only 4 of us, we decided to push the 2 large tables together for 1 large work space.
 And we really spread out with all kinds of tissue, paper, glue, stamps etc. Our project for the day was making paper-fabric which is something we seem to do annually and always love it. It makes into beautiful cards or backgrounds for other art.
 Denny is so organized and came with a theme of "time" to work on.
 I had no plans except I had this cute bear napkin I wanted to use. I put him down first and went from there.
 Mary's was so happy with bright colors and you can see how it starts...
 and ends up. An interesting idea, Mary used soil separator cloth as her backing which is much lighter than the muslin we were using. She said she had great results and it's probably better for making into cards etc. Next time, I'll be trying that - great tip Mary.
 Kate's had some wonderful florals and color in hers
 and Denny's finished "time" piece.
Denny made us some great aprons for Christmas which we all remembered to wear (Denny is taking the picture)
Also failed to mention, we were fortunate today to have a studio assistant and an extra pair of paws to help if we needed it.
We had a huge Show and Tell as it's been a while so more of that to come.
It's gray and cloudy today and a bit chilly so perfect studio time.


  1. Great results- love fabric paper. Also looked at Mary's post on this. I'm only surprised that your helper paws didn't get into the wet glue!

  2. Love the fabric paper and your studio assistant.

  3. Wonderful way to spend a winter's day. Love the inspiration.