Monday, February 2, 2015

Talented Students - Bragging Rights

I have always loved teaching both in public school in my younger days and the quilt world after that. The wonderful people you meet who start out as students and become friends make are the best part. I used to do a lot of teaching in Toronto; I loved the city and the particular conference I taught at was packed full with all kinds of fiber - clothing, weaving, smocking and quilting to name a few. 
 I've enjoyed having so many wonderful students at that conference but one in particular  keeps popping back into my life. This is a joy for me, I loved this gal, not only was she a really nice person but so very talented also. Becky MacKellar took many workshops from me over the years. I remember checking my class list for familiar names and when she appeared, I knew it would be a big fun day. One of my workshops was on machine needlelace based on a book I had written at the time on the same subject. Well lo and behold, I hear from Becky a short while ago, sending me pictures of a beautiful dress and jacket she had made for her son's wedding. It was trimmed with needlelace.
 I wanted to share this with everyone, I'm always so tickled to get pictures.
Here's a detail of the edge - mighty pretty and I'm sure Becky was pleased as I know I am. Thanks Becky for sharing.


  1. A credit to your excellent teaching abilities!!!

  2. I agree with's a compliment to the 'teacher'!!!