Friday, February 6, 2015

Fiber junkies - Pt 2

Sharing our work is perhaps the most fun part of our group, well, every part is fun but getting to see what each of us have tried during our month apart is always inspiring. 
Denny and Kate who live a stones throw away from each other, often get together to experiment. Recently they were working on fixing up "bad" fabric which were greatly improved after working on them. I think they are both loaded with perseverance and will not give up until they have achieved success as seen below.
 This is one of Dennys...
 and this is Kates which has been stenciled with fiber paste and overdyed
 I loved this piece of Denny's which had holes in it, was folded and discharged.
 This is Denny's latest quilt - a detail of Angel - her Westie who died a couple of years ago. She had a photo of Angel printed on fabric through Spoonflower and there it stayed on her design wall for a while. Sometimes it's good to let things stew. Denny painted fusible web which accounts for all the  surrounding fabric. Angel although a prominent focal point also blends so beautifully into the surounding areas.
 Denny also took a workshop on Vat/discharge - this was her practice piece.
 This luscious silk scarf is the result of this class.
 After the discharge/dye process, Denny went back and stamped the entire scarf with a piece of insulation board carved with a design made with a woodburning tool.We all loved this technique and are hoping to do a workshop ourselves.
 And a piece of "ice dyed" fabric, done in the microwave - our project for March.
 One of Denny's silhouettes, is it starting to look like Denny had quite a productive month?
And a piece by Mary; this was lovely in person as the entire surface is covered with stitching - all by hand and it's quite amazing and I imagine labor intensive.

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