Friday, February 27, 2015

I Spy a Rose Garden

I started my quilting journey as a traditional quilter as many of us have. It was great fun learning the patterns, the basics but by my third quilt I was wanting something different. At the very least, I wanted to design my own piece and not use a pattern.
Cameo Rose (all hand done) gave me the opportunity to do that. I was still antsy with having far fewer fabric choices than we have today but fabric dyeing came in the next quilt. I love creating art quilts but still and once in a while go back to a traditional type quilt.  I had collected on my fabric shopping adventures, a beautiful line of Moda fabrics- so much in fact, I was able to make 3 quilts from it. I still have some left - do I dare make another small one? The first one is finished - Pink Chiffon which I posted here a while back. The second one I just finished - I Spy a Rose Garden. This quilt had such pretty, soft colors I thought it needed some feather quilting.
I'm in love with Patsy Thompson's line of DVDs on machine quilting. She is incredibly talented, innovative and an excellent instructor. She suggests you make samples of the many kinds of feathers you can do. What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg but it gave me a feel for doing them and the many choices I had. This is the very basic free form feather.
 Patsy suggests you make a bunch of fabric sandwiches 9" x 12" to work on and they're ready to go. This one has a red arrow pointing to the area I want to highlight. You can see not all are curved feathers but some are "beaked" on the end. This is the "whimsical" feather.
 I love the heart and enjoyed doing this one the most, it just didn't work with my design that well.
 The"inlined' feather uses 2 different color threads, the stronger one on the inside of the plume. It's very effective and makes it pop.
 This is the "splay embellished" feather which I also liked but perhaps a little strong for the piece I was using it on.
"I Spy a Rose Garden" is finished. The I Spy pattern I've used many times to make chilcren's quilts. It makes up so well in bright colors but also in soft patterned fabric.
  I decided to go with the inlined feather which has double plumes but in different colors. I used 2 colors but so close in color and value, it's hard to tell and also the effect I wanted to keep the softness of the look.
Fun, fun, back to my dye pots and silkscreens .


  1. I like your eye spy, I just checked out the tute for it, thank you!! I make several donation quilts each year and this will be a good one for that!

  2. This is gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to post the details re; how you decided what sort of quilting to do. That is the hardest part for me so this was a helpful post. Beautiful work!

  3. Wow, your feathers are beautiful. I especially like the 'splay embellished' one, with all that lovely rose hue in the center!

  4. These are both beautiful quilts. I love the quilting on I Spy a Rose Garden, and Cameo Rose - just: "WOW!" :D

  5. Making feather samples is a great idea and yours are so lovely. They are perfect on your soft rose quilt.

  6. Hello Judy,

    What beautiful soft colours! The feathers are really graceful, and look fantastic on the finished quilt.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv