Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Recap

Last weekend I had the great fun of attending the NC Symposium hosted this year by the Western NC Quilt Guild in Hendersonville, NC a stones throw away.  I've taught at this symposium many times; it's unique in that it moves around the state with a different guild hosting it every year. Asheville Quilt Guild is on the calendar for 2018 and we've already started planning for it. It's a wonderful event with great workshops and instructors, good food and activities, a good variety of vendors and of course the quilt show. Here are just a few of my favorites seen at the show.
 "Autumn Journey at White Oak" made by Kathryn Zimmerman and quilted by Brian Fackler - a beauty and also the Best in Show

 "Appalachian Wine" by Kathyrn Zimmerman and Karen Marchetti.  I loved this quilt for it's wonderful use of color and movement.
 "Butterflies in my Garden" by Karen Guinn was just delightful. I'm not one to make a scrappy quilt but I do love to look at them and this one was lovely. I loved the use of white to break it up and provide a resting point for your eye. It did win a ribbon - can't remember what place but well deserved.
 This "Civil War Officer Cot" Quilt made by Maria Clancy used reproduction prints and techniques from the Civil War. It was the quilt many soldiers carried with them to sleep at night. My great grandfather was in the Civil War and he came from a quilting family so my thoughts immediately went to him wondering if he had something like this.
 This was my favorite and got my vote for viewer's choice. "Not in my Martini" by Margaret Wills and Rebecca Verrier-Watt was just charming. I'm not sure what pulled me in - the fabrics that looked like Charlie Harper's art or the colors, design...?...just so pleasing, I kept going back to it.
 A detail.
 "The Sheep's in the Meadow" by Carol Price was adorable. My granddaughter is in love with lambs, carries her "lamby", the one I brought back from Ireland everywhere she goes. What little person wouldn't love this!
 I always love landscapes and "Blue Ridge Revisited" by Judy Lilly was a beautiful, well  done piece.
 I admire anyone with the courage to work in silk and then pull it off so beautifully. "Art of Hearts" by Natalie Rockley was just that - vibrant colors and great technical skills.
 "Woodland Home" by Lois Griffith was so interesting with its 3-dimensional work.
And a modern quilt - "Celebrating Kelly with Hopes and Wishes" by Carol Preston.
It was a great show - such fun to see so many beauties up close and personal.
Til next time....

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  1. Oh hard to find a favorite isn't it!!! I do appreciate the hand work on the best of show is stunning...the heart quilt...the Civil War simple but very nice!! Thanks for taking me to a quilt show and I didn't have to leave the couch!