Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fiber Junkies June - Painting on Fabric

Well, we met at Vals for our June meeting of Fiber Junkies. Her wet studio is so perfect for outside activities and she's such a darling person to put up with us, making us feel so welcome with every thing ready to go.
 This month we painted on fabric using procion dyes both thickened and not. Kate had learned so much about this in her class at Pro Chemical some time earlier - she was our leader and helper.
 We did all kinds of techniques working on a flat surface, with fabric treated with soda ash. We also had a bucket of soda ash mixed up if you wanted to work wet which I preferred.
 Denny did lots ot writing using a thickened dye and a neat little tool; we later all went on the internet and bought many of them.
 Denny also brought along some wallpaper trays for doing striped effects.
 Stencils were used with thickened dye on dry fabric with great success.
 Val as always was creating masterpieces. I always stand next to Val hoping some of it will rub off on me, hasn't happened yet - so from the starting point at the top...
 to more developed, it's going to be a really great piece.
 Kate loves circles and was madly making circles using non thickened dye...
 and then added that beautiful pop of green!
 Gen's stormy sky might have been my favorite piece. The plastic underneath created such great effects in the paint.
 also a plaid by Gen.
 I tried doing a stencil using thickened dye on wet fabric -  it was an afterthought, but it worked just fine....
 and the after - not too much wash out.
 This was my version of Gens which I tried to recreate - a little more subtle, also this is after it was washed.
This was my piece done in the wall paper tray - interesting but not as good as I had hoped for.
 This was an old piece I had given to Kate to rescue which she loves to do and does quite well, but when I ran out of fabric, she gave it back - it's a little better, think I'll have to give it to Kate again.
 I did some folding and dipping with non thickened dye on dry fabric, I think it would have been better done on wet. I like it, just not sure how I'll use it.
My granddaughter just arrived and it's crazy-ville - she does get excited. She's almost 3 and at the age when they ask "are we there yet"?gets old after 3 1/2 hours of driving, but we are going to have a fun week.
Till next time..