Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Results

Last week, we met at Vals for our Fiber Junkies and worked on deconstructive screen printing. This time we added the use of discharge paste. Ordinarily, you would place objects under a screen, and screen over them with a thickened dye, let it dry and release the dye onto fabric using a print paste mix. With this variation, you place objects under a screen and screen over them with a clear print paste mix. When dry, you release the print paste mix onto the fabric (adding no color) but using the discharge paste. When dry, iron the fabric in good ventilation to see the areas that have been discharged.
 It's an interesting variation but the discharge paste does get watered down due to the print paste mix; the effects are not as dramatic as when you just discharge with paste.
 It is something I've wanted to try and I'm glad I did, although I'm not sure I would do this variation again.
 Here are some of my other pieces. I was glad I stuck to my guns and only worked with a few colors as now I have a small little stash of fabric that will work together.
 Think I used some blue gray, blue greens, sea foam and something called Stormy Sky.
 Stormy Sky is the dark one which I really like and will provide a nice contrast to the other fabrics.
 My least favorite is the seafoam green which is also a discontinued color and I've used the last of it. Maybe I should name a future piece made with this "Goodbye to Seafoam"...
I definitely prefer the grayed tones.
Til next time...


  1. Excellent results. I can easily see the fabrics coming together in a new piece. Our determination to work in a narrower color scheme is working......though my results were horrible!! Lesson learned.....don't do deconstructed screen printing on white on white fabric!!!

  2. Yes, good plan to stick with a set amount of colors!

  3. Very cool. It has a graffiti/urban wall feeling to me.