Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PTA - June

I'm in this wonderful group - PTA which I've talked about probably every month. We meet at different homes, go on field trips, work on group projects, have retreats and also the best holiday party around. This month, it was at Lynne Harrills home - a new home for her after her husband retired and they returned to the Asheville area after being in Greenville, SC for many years.
 They bought their home for the view and 2 great studio spaces on the lower level. I don't think I would ever get down to my studio with a view like this - outside their family room window.
 Also beautiful forests everywhere.
 We had lots of chatter, a yummy dessert and goodies to go with our lunches and a small show and tell. Mary B showed off her painted sneakers. I especially love the heart on the flap of the sneaker with her and her hubbies initials on it. Happy feet.
 Connie showed us another piece she made in the style of the artist she used for a challenge several years back.
 It's a beautiful piece, the stitching is perfect.
 I was intrigued by Mary S latest piece that she has stuggled with as she didn't like the fabric. She started with a peachy felt, did something to it which she really didn't like - on right, although I really thought it was quite nice...
 than did something else over it - again it might have been sun dyeing but Mary was still not happy..
 until the Ah..ha...moment when she stenciled it and she had her piece. The black flowers are beaded and it's just lovely, one of my favorites I think - perserverence pays off!
 Mary B brought this older scrap quilt she was rescueing by sewing applique leaves over bad areas - a clever idea.
 Connie is a quilt appraiser and loves all old quilts and stories. She found this old book which I thought was wonderful. It included projects for making socks and the proper kind of stitches to use when knitting so they would be comfortable for the men to wear.
 And the back of the book - just as charming.
 As an appraiser, and while attending the AQS show in April, she was invited to visit the vaults at the American Quilter's Society Museum in Paducah, KY. What a thrill to go down into the depths of this building to see how and where they store all the quilts that are part of the permanent collection.
 She took this picture and handed it to me and I was so taken aback...it looked familiar...
It was my quilt (#52) which the museum had purchased many, many years ago and I had forgotten about. Well, nice to see they are all taken good care of. It also seems like a really good and organized way of doing it.
Till next time...

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  1. I always enjoy seeing the show and tell...I get to take a trip and not leave the couch! HA All nicely done!