Friday, June 26, 2015

Garden Path

Sometimes a packet of samples can go a long way. I love blue and yellow as a combo so this was fun to work with. It was basically a no-brainer as the squares were all cut and color coordinated so just a matter of putting them together.
I did pull out my hand dyes to find fabric to use as the center squares.
I used a machine buttonhole stitch using rayon decorative thread around each center square and sashed everything with white tone on tones.
I used a binding that was a yellow - slightly printed batik that worked well as a backing also. When the piece was done, I was wishing I had bound it in a darker color. I think it would have made it more contained, but it will have to do and it is a happy piece with such bright colors. So another UFO finished and that's reason for a happy dance. It will be in a show at the NC Arboretum next year;  they encourage us to use nature themes.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I love blue and yellow together. Gorgeous!

  2. The colours give it a very French feel, lovely.

  3. A jewel!! The white sashing makes it beautiful. Congrats with your aazing finish.