Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chillin on a Chilly Day

On a snowy day, what's one to do....We did have another snowfall just recently...so pretty and didn't last but a day which is what I like...

Well I owed my son an apple pie...promised for his birthday last year and never delivered..
I make it from scratch...good old Betty Crocker's cookbook way so it takes hours but it does warm up the kitchen and sure makes it smell like Thanksgiving!

Also a good day to hang out with furry buds who can keep you warm - featured is Fraggle my 16 1/2 pound kitten...well he's 2 but very kitten-ish in behavior and a people lover.
But the best thing....John and Mike were working in the basement on a "Bee House". Mike saw them online and decided to build one himself. Both are avid gardeners - especially Mike (son) who has the eye for color and design; they're always adding something new. John built the frame and then Mike cut the bamboo (from our friend Gary's yard) into small lengths. They are held in place with wood glue and can endure the weather.
I love all the different sizes of bamboo.
The bottom part has holes drilled into wood...more apartments for the bees. Mike has done a lot of reading about these cute little dwellings and apparently bees love them.
And as soon as the snow melted, it was hung outside..They are supposed to be placed X amount of feet from the ground to protect the bees from wasps...will find out more about this later.
It's on a larger tree on the side of the house...easy to see and enjoy. I think they did a great job and can't wait for our little buzzing friends to find it and take up housekeeping.


  1. First off..nothing better than the old Betty Crocker cookbook!!! My first cookook was Betty's book...pages were falling apart and I found another one a few years ago at an antique store.
    Love the bee house! how interesting...look forward to reading more about this!!

    1. I have my original Betty Crocker cookbook and bought one for my daughter when she got married...It's a must have in any kitchen. Mine's falling apart but I'll never part with it

  2. Is this something that you will take honey from at some point or is it just for bee habitat? I don't know about honey bees, but how would you get the honey out of this?

  3. Hi Kathy.....I questioned this also but my son has done all the research and says it's just a habitat...

    1. Maybe I should do some research, too, and see if something like this would attract my carpenter bees more than my shed does!

  4. It’s a work of art, both the bee house and the apple pie!!!