Friday, March 31, 2017

Retreat Project

Our annual PTA retreat is coming up next week and I have started my pile of stuff..There it sits on the dining room table ready to be packed. This annual event which our good pal and PTA member - Mary  S organized years ago has turned into one of the most fun things we do every year. 
 We have 3 wonderful and exhausting days of sewing, laughing, playing games, drinking champagne, eating...etc....For retreat I try and pick an easy project so I'm being productive but not so intense that I miss all the funny goings on during the day. This year our FJ group used Denny's Accu Cut machine to cut pieces in various shapes...all the exact same size making for good piecing. Kate and I chose a half hexagon as we saw a quilt we liked made with them, and thought it would work for retreat.
 I wasn't sure how my fabrics would work, so I started pinning them up on flannel before retreat.
 I'm so glad I did as I had many areas I wasn't happy with and felt it needed different fabrics.
 I also found the best way to see the quilt was through my camera...gave me a better feel.
 I needed some more interesting light pieces;  with this color way, it was hard to find fabrics in values... I found this paint (almost threw it out years ago) I bought for making patina green on copper. The green was perfect.

 I used it along with Lumiere gold and a sponge to add some visual texture to light colored fabrics.
A nice effect and I'll see how they work in the scheme of things.
  I also found some nubby light green silk noil which worked with the other fabrics and perfect for  stamping on.
 I did some stamping on a beige-gray fabric with the green patina paint and
 silk screened some words on the light green noil. The newer fabrics look like they might work.
I also did some re-arranging to allow for some of the hexagons to pop. It's all pinned and ready to go...I'm not much of a piecer but I do like this piece so far and hope I can pull it off. One thing is for sure...whether I go home with a pieced top or will be 3 wonderful fun filled days.


  1. I never thought of using metallics for fabrics; I have used them on papers but not cloth. Yours came out great--pretty piece you're working on...sounds like a fun time hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful color way and ingenious ways of using paint to achieve the effect you need. Looks great already, sure to be a beauty after quilting.

  3. Well, I don't have to say "have fun"! As I know you will! I really like the screen printed words fabric! Nice! The half hex's are great! I ordered 1/2" half hex pieces along with other shapes...I think mine are tooooo small to work with but we'll see!! I like the effect you are getting with yours! Look forward to seeing more of this piece!

  4. Honestly, as well as I know you and your talents…..I’m still gob smacked by your creativity! So very clever…..the additions will certainly personalize and add eye candy highlights to your piece. The countdown is on…..I have items and lists scattered all over the studio and house in preparation for my packing….see ya Tuesday.

  5. Oh, I like it! Hoping the paint won't hinder needling when you quilt it.

  6. I love how this is happening! Necessity is the mother of invention!

  7. I really like how you made your own fabric to fill a need that you had. Happy Retreat.