Friday, March 10, 2017

PTA at Gens

PTA (our fiber group) met yesterday at Gen's home with Gen and Mary B hostessing. Well, first drama of the day...Barbara, Linda and I meet up in Ingles parking lot to carpool. We all hopped into Linda's car but upon reaching Gen's condo (about 20 mins away), Barbara realized she forgot her bag with her quilt and other things for show and tell.....well, no can show them next month...right!! Well no, Barbara said in a panic...I took the bag out, laid it down on the ground and forgot to get it...Uhhh Ohhh...I stayed at Gens as Barbara and Linda made a mad dash back with fingers crossed that her precious quilt would still be there....
Barbara called to say, it was there but mentioned...think I'll need a glass of wine when I get to Gen's..
What's better than a glass of wine when you are in big stress mode - ?...TWO glasses - one for each hand.
Our meeting consisted of talking, gossiping, drinking wine and looking at wonderful show and tell. Barbara made Mary this ruffled scarf in Packer colors....guess who was a happy camper!
Mary Berry showed us a cute teddybear she hired someone to make. It's made from an old t-shirt used at a family reunion. Mary said she had lots of shirts but needed to find one with a logo that would fit on bear's tummy.
Barbara, who is great at piecing finished the top and it's ready to be quilted.
It has a pulsating effect which is so interesting.
Gen showed us some pieces she purchased, made from paper.
We took a break for lunch and Mary B made this fabulous dessert which tastes even better than it looks!
Dort, prolific as ever show us some pieces she was working on. This is a waterfall which has some beautiful texture.
Look at this amazing texture created with thread and the wonderful Stonehenge fabric that lends itself to this theme.
And more threadwork.
This is another one of Dorts smaller pieces recreated from a photo she took. Dort is known for her attention to detail.
Dort picked these blocks from our stack of White Elephants gifts from our Christmas party...has them together already.
Kate made this wonderful piece....
along with this darling childrens quilt.
Georgia was giving us an update on the quilt trail...
along with a brochure on where the many wooden quilt blocks are located so people can drive their own tour.
Georgia also showed us a series of owl pillows she's making as a gift...lucky lady to get these. The background is my favorite Stonehenge fabric with a tree theme.
Mary B showed us an adorable wall hanging made from an angel pattern her little grandson drew at a very young age.
And last but not least, Mary B is relocating...and still close to us. It's always hard to leave a home that's been part of our lives for so long but she's very happy to be going to this retirement community. She has made a collage of the very wonderful things she has to look forward to...always our very positive and loveable Mary! 


  1. What a fun day!! But you ladies always have a fun day/time together!!! I would have stopped and had some wine in the car on the way back! HA Mary S. looks so cute!!!!

  2. I especially like the pattern that Dort picked up from the White Elephant table. It's perfect for Comfort or Charity quilts. Is there a pattern for this design? I'd love to make one this year for donation. TIA, Diane