Monday, March 27, 2017

Fiber Junkies Pt. 2

So to continue with our fun day of exploring alcohol is the beginnings of Denny's piece.
The base is shaving cream; inks were dropped on top and because of the alcohol, made little hollows in the cream.
Denny smeared the inks and then...
using a stylus, created a pattern. A piece of fabric was laid on top, gently pressed and the image was created.
This is the piece that Val brought to work on...a rusted fabric highlighted with Caran D'Ache oil pastels.
Will be anxious to see what Val does with this. I'm sure this is just the starting point and she will use  other techniques as another layer.
Here are the powdered Primary Elements by Lumiere, mixed with an acrylic medium. You only need a dash of powder to get good color. They are the consistency of paint and permanent because of the medium which also leaves a slight hand to the fabric.
This was perhaps the most exciting discovery of the day. Mary did some research on making your own inks. So here goes....don't get rid of your dried out Sharpie markers....Break the pen in half to reveal the inside. Use inexpensive scissors to cut away the plastic tube and uncover the felt filled with ink. Place the felt in a small container filled with a little rubbing alcohol.
Give it a good shake and let it set for a few minutes...doesn't take long and look at the wonderful color.
These inks work well on fabric (and are permanent) although you don't get the wonderful spreading affect you get on paper.
This is Yupo paper with the same inks - such a different look.
Here is Gen using inks on Yupo paper, dropping them while blowing through a straw.
A really interesting effect.
Denny had screened this image of houses and used ink on top as a second layer.
Kate likes to take hopeless pieces of fabric to try and make them better....and she always nails it. I've given her many "bad pieces" and she magically turns them into a thing of beauty making me wonder "Why did I part with that fabric"?
And another...
Some papers drying.
Here is a book Denny brought to show the many techniques for using alcohol inks....a beautiful publication. Meanwhile, down in sunny Florida at the same time, our blogger friend Robbie was doing the same techniques with her friend...She had many wonderful ideas to share...Check out her blog for even more ways to use this fun ink.

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  1. Isn't it SO interesting all the different results you get!!! Love all the pieces you showed! What fun! We're going to work on fabric in April....I haven't played with that medium before so it should be interesting for sure!