Monday, May 15, 2017

"Nature's Apothecary"

Mountain Art Quilters is a parlor group of the national organization - SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association). Linda Sexton-Patrick started the group a few years back with just a few people. It has grown into a nice size and every meeting shows new faces.
 We had our first show and it runs through June 1 so if you're in the area, hopefully you can drop by.
 Here are some of the lovely pieces you'll see...Susan Lee stands next to 2 of her pieces.
 I love this piece by Lynne Harrill who made this in honor of her dad when he passed away. It's called "Show Some Emotion". Her dad taught her how to sew and bought her her first sewing machine at the age of 10.
 And another piece by Lynne.
 Kathy Briggs is known for her intricate piecing which serve as backgrounds for some beautiful applique.
 This one is by Kathy also - "Fire"
 "Sentinel" by Julie Bagamary with her wonderful handstitching (top)
 and "Green Leaf" by Julie.
 "Ferns and Vines" by Lisa Heller
 and a close-up which shows some deconstructive screen printed fabric used very effectively.
 Linda Sexton-Patrick with her piece
 and another one of Linda's colorful pieces - "Summer Sizzle"
 "Winter Trees" by Paula B. Entin
 and "Glimpse at the Borderlands also by Paula
 "Pines in the Woods" by Lynn Della Posta
 and Jenny Perry with her "Autumn in the Mountains. Jenny does beautiful machine work.
 "Ode to Joy" by Mary Jane Lappin....
 and "Underwater Escapades" by Shirley Parkin
 The next 2..are my quilts...which I forgot to take a picture of at the show...above is "Happy Blues"
and this one is "Winter Tides". Growing up on Long Island and walking along Jones Beach in the off season had a lovely, calming affect...This piece was made with that in mind.
Our SAQA group meets @ 3 X a year so I'm still getting to know these gals and their beautiful work.


  1. WOW! Some really nice pieces!!!! Actually, some fantastic pieces!!!! I have several favorites!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Robbie...I agree, some really nice pieces and some very talented ladies. We started this group with 3 people but hung in there, picked up more people...Now its quite a talented, substantial and supportive group...this was our first show...glad you liked it.

  2. thanks for sharing!
    these are lovely; wish I could get there to see them.