Wednesday, May 24, 2017

North Carolina Symposium

The North Carolina Symposium was held last week in Raleigh, NC at William Peace University. The symposium is hosted by a different guild each year which allows it to move around the state. I was teaching my Layered Naturescapes workshop which is always great fun. 
My cats seem to have a 6th sense about these things and love it when they find an open suitcase...I think they try and hide in hopes of tagging along but I always catch them in time... 
 Raleigh was a straight shot on I-40 except for when I got to the last 15 mins...of course my GPS died on me an hour into the trip and my google maps would not connect...There I was on Glenwood Avenue and didn't know where to go..After 3 gas stations, I found my way ...A little old lady who was quite feisty and smart told me (she was probably a quilter)...but I know from experience, a trip wouldn't be complete if I didn't get lost. Just ask anyone who knows me...So here is a pic of the lovely WP Univ campus...
It was quite small and easy for everyone to get aroound.
So onto the workshop...this one always fills and is the most fun to teach. There were 22 lovely ladies so we were bulging at the seams but quilters are the nicest people and everyone was very respectful of each other's space. We did have a table of goodies - silk paint, textile paint, silk screens and tulle...
The 1st part of this workshop is to paint (using Dye-na-Flow) a piece of silk organza. The colors should work with the base piece since this will serve as an overlay.
Crinkling up the organza provides lots of nooks and crannies for the paint flow giving it an interesting dimension when dry.
We used the hall for drying which can take up to a couple of hours. If it's a sunny day, students often put their silk on bushes and grass outside which speeds up drying time.
So the next step while organza is drying is to create some interesting imagery on the base piece of fabric. This is achieved through silk screens and appliques.
This very clever gal also used some wonderful yarns for embellishment underneath the organza.
The organza is placed on top...
and more imagery added to organza...which is yet to be done here...but it's off to a wonderful start.
This gal had a fabulous piece of fabric she dyed and was using as a base. She has silk screened some trees on top and next will add the organza.
I loved this was incredibly soft and pretty.
and a detail where you can see how interesting the painted organza is. Crinkling the fabric will create the mottled look you see above.
I loved this piece with the beautiful ferns (this will be an underwater scene) and then using a fancy tulle with ribbon
added this to the top.
This piece was so playful and I failed to get a picture of the next step...but it did feature dolphins jumping out of the water. The clouds were more tweaked and some beautiful colors used.
It was such a big group, I had a hard time remembering names...but I will say this...I got the "happy chills" when walking up and down seeing what everyone was doing...These gals were incredibly talented and did some beautiful pieces...I hope they'll email a picture when they're done.


  1. Thanks Judy! WE all had a great time!!!
    hope to be sending a photo of my completed piece soon

  2. You ladies were amazing and I so enjoyed the workshop...I'm really looking forward to seeing your piece.

  3. It looks like a fun class with some wonderful results.