Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Welcome to Woolworth Walk

Last summer, my 2 pals, Kate and Mary and myself decided to look into getting a booth at Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville. The building is the original Woolworth and on the register for historical buildings. It now houses artist's work. Located on Haywood Street, (Asheville's main street), it is the hub of activity, especially during tourist season.
We just got notified that a booth was available on the lower level. It needed a new color for the a few days before move-in day, we had our painting party...first coat.
You've heard the expression...about as much fun as "watching paint dry"....that's absolute truth. We literally had to hang around before doing the second coat...but it does look nice and fresh and new. Once we decided on what wall would be whose..., I could go home and map out what to hang.
I pushed the tables back in my studio, giving me an open area to tape off the size of the wall. It was so tempting to try and fill up all the space but then remembering, quilts can't go to the floor. This is the plan I came up with.
Kate did a great job building a scarf rack. We hung it on an angle; the hooks were positioned on a angle also.
While we did the scarf rack, Mary started on her wall...
and it looks great.
The ladder holds much of Mary's hand crafted felted items and boxes.
Mine is hung...still needs a liittle tweaking and straightening of some quilts. Taking a picture helps to point out what needs to be done.
Our scarf rack works great; Kate and I are sharing it.
Kate's wall is done. We are all using the canvas holder (lower left) for matted items and the shelf above for cards.
And our first visitors...quilters...of course!
And when you're done with seeing can go upstairs to the old restored soda fountain for lunch.
Such a fun place to visit...hope you'll stop by.


  1. We were there a few years ago and just love everything. Hope to see you there soon. your booth looks great even if one or two were crooked. LOL

  2. Looks great! Hope you sell lots. What kind of prices did you post and does WoolworthWalk get a percentage? Our local gallery has such a high percentage fee that you have to price textiles out of the reasonable range to even break even. And thus, nothing sells.