Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wonderful Students

I've been a teacher all of my life...first in public school, then very humble beginnings in a local quiltshop, graduating to conferences and guilds around the country. It has always been a joyful experience and one, where I often find I've learned more than I've taught....and always one of the best parts is when you get an email, or a student finds you at a conference to share their finished piece from your workshop. So as I puff out my chest...let me introduce you to 3 very talented and lovely ladies who recently shared their finished piece of art with me.
Lorie Groetzinger took my "Nature to Paper to Fabric" workshop where students transfer real leaves to a special paper and then to fabric. Lorie created such a unique piece using leaves, a paper pieced background and a branch as a holder....and if that wasn't enough...
Look at this fabulous spider web she created with thread. If you look closely at the top picture, it sits in the middle between the branch and edge of the wallhanging. It's subtle but a wow moment when you come upon it.

and several details of the beautiful leaves and their placement on the piece. Lorie did a wonderful job and I love that she shared this with me....Good Job, Lorie!!
Dawn Jennings took my Layered Naturescapes at another symposium and just made my day when she brought it to share. Well, It's fantastic, not only did I love the piece.... but thought the attention to detail was amazing. Dawn started with a base piece, added imagery, then a layer of silk organza and more imagery.
She went a step further by adding yarns, threads and seashells....
and this darling seahorse upon which I commented that it looked so vintage. Well, it was and what a lucky find for her; it adds so much to the piece. Great Job...Dawn!
Debbie Campbell signed up for my workshop again...this time to create a partner for this piece which is eye-popping and beautiful. Debbie started with a base piece, added pink cone flowers, painted organza and more flowers on top. The flowers on top really pop, making the ones on the first layer more dimensional and distant.
Debbie's second piece will utilize Daisies and similar background and organza colors so she can use them together. I was so happy to have Debbie back (we go way back together) and to see another wonderful piece developing....hope she sends photos (hint...hint...)and....Great job...Debbie!
Hats off to 3 lovely and very talented ladies and how lucky am I to know them as a student and friend.


  1. Such a compliment to you, Judy, as an instructor! Student's work is very nice!!! And so glad they shared with you their work. Look forward to more show and tell!!

  2. With an excellent instructor at the helm…..I’m not surprised your students were so successful!