Monday, December 14, 2009

Dom Perignon

I think I can say with the utmost of confidence that this is the first, last and only time I'll drink something that cost more than my electric bill. But the story of our bottle of Dom Perignon goes back a few years. My husband was an FBI agent and his last case was a big one - the Gold Club which took place in Atlanta. There was a lot of illegal stuff going on with this club including the use of Dom Perignon (club was closed down as a result of this case) but back on track, as part of his retirement present, he received a bottle of it - how appropriate. After learning the price, we decided we needed a good reason to open it. It came in its own box, so easy to store in the refrigerator. Our first thought was to open it when we moved to Asheville - a celebration. The trouble was, we were so exhausted after the move, we plum forgot we had it. So okay, we waited for the next really special occasion which was the move to our house and once again, we were so tired, fell asleep and didn't remember we had it.

Well this year, my sweet daughter got engaged to a great guy, so NOW was the time to celebrate! And we did and WE DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP! And the opening - TA-DAAAAA. We held our glasses close by so's not to lose any.
The box it came in which was stored for years in our refrigerator; I was almost afraid of what it might taste like after all that time. But very yummy, mind you, I'm used to wine that doesn't even use a cork so this was a major step up for me.
And it even comes with a certificate and story.
And here's to the happy couple;  what a great way to ease into 2010.


  1. Wonderful story, and your daughter looks so happy with her beau. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!