Thursday, December 10, 2009

What happens at Christmas parties...stays at Christmas Parties

Well, maybe not - especially if it's just too funny not to share. Our fiber group PTA met for our annual Christmas party. Great food, goofy gifts and endless laughs are a trademark for this event. Everyone brings their favorite dish to share, making it easy for the hostess (this time it was me).
Lots of wine and good conversation.
After lunch we have a "show and tell". Barbara Swinea brought this quilt to share. She is backing the quilt with fleece and no batting - so just the 2 layers. I really loved this idea, makes a great lap quilt. Barbara is our "master piecer".

Mary Stori's newest piece - the beading is lovely on this as you can see in the detail.
Dort Lee makes a lot of her Christmas presents. Dort made this out of a synthetic suede with fleece lining. I WANT some of this fabric! How warm and cozy looking is this!
Lynne Harrill made this next piece out of leftovers of a previous quilt - great job Lynn!
Okay, now onto the "sillies". We do a White Elephant gift exchange. Wrap up whatever, put in pile, pick a number and when your number is called you get to pick from the pile of "whatevers". Sometimes they're good and sometimes not, but they always make us laugh or smile. Janice picked this huge bag of goodies which included fleece pointsettias, a wig, a crocheted something and candles.
This bottle cover with zipper was "cute".
The next person who shall remain nameless picked some giant pom-poms; what a clever way to use them. Who woulda thought?

And the "pom-pom" person (as she shall be known as from here on), also picked this gorgeous bunch of flowers. She liked them!
Poor Kate got the infamous "bird" - a ceramic bird that has been circulating around for years. I think it's our mascot or something. I was just so thankful I saw her remove it from my house. I had some fears she might hide it somewhere and I would never be the wiser.
Mary got this vase or urn, something that hangs on the wall. Are those "tears of joy" I see on Mary?

And remember the wig Janice picked earlier, Cathy took it from Janice. It seems her little girl really wanted a wig for playing dress-up - so a preview of what it will look like.
And here we are - what a crazy, talented, fun to be with bunch of ladies, I love them all!

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