Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Tree

My first experience with Christmas Tree Farms was when we moved to NC. I've always loved a real tree, the pine smell that permeates the house, the pine pillows that follow. It's a throwback to childhood. So it was a treat to have a real tree again. We're not very far from "tree country", about 2 hours away. So several years ago, we started "cutting our own tree" or to be more exact -  we get to "point" and they get to "cut".
The trees are all so pretty and perfect. We wander around, getting lost, forgetting which tree is which. Every year I say (after the fact), I should have brought some ribbon or string to mark the trees we want to revisit.
There are so many to choose from and they're spread all over the place.
So we do what everyone else does to mark the trees - take a twig or some straw from the ground and make a nest in the tree. What makes us think we'll actually see this little nest from afar is a mystery to me.
As well as knowing that there are lots and lots of nests all over the trees, we pick the one we think is ours - point and cut, tie to the roof and drive home with the tree that we love.
Or at the very least - a tree that someone loved!
Happy Holidays everyone.

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