Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Y2K and other good stuff

With the new year quickly approaching, I think back to the big "scare" of Y2K when we reached the new millennium and the panic that ensued - people saving water in big jugs? I never understood that. Everyone was preparing for the big crash of all our computers and other high tech stuff and so on and so forth. Does it seem possible that 10 years have passed since that amazing date in history? Were you doing anything special on that New Years Eve? I honestly don't think I was. My usual bill of fare is dinner, jammies and a movie on TV. I fall asleep before the New Year rings in; I figure it's coming in with or without me.
But as I recall, it was just a year before, that I started a journal quilt ending with the last week being Y2K. It was great fun to do and share and always well received at my lectures.  My dear friend Barbara Butler and I did this together; each with our own personal blocks and ideas and always ready to share with each other. This is a great project to do with a buddy or a group.
My finished quilt featured 13 blocks down and 4 rows across - a total of 52 blocks (and weeks in a year), how perfect! Each block was 6" wide x 4" high including seam allowances and the sashing strips were 2" wide including seam allowances. Each week I created a block to feature something significant for that week. I then created it in fabric, sewed, painted and embellished. Some weeks I was traveling a lot and didn't get to doing a block. I'ld let it go, wrote down the idea and got to it when I got to it.
So here are some of the blocks. This particular week I was redecorating a room, painting, etc.
I remember this next week so well. My daughter had just graduated from college and we did a road trip to NY city. The tree is the big tree in Rockefeller Center and the small gold "coin" is a subway token; you use them a lot in NY.
I've taught in Toronto, Canada a lot and on one of my trips, my good friend Sherry Davidson took me to the "Shoe Museum". Yes there is such a thing in Toronto and it's wonderful! It's a must see if you,re ever there. Sherry also collects teddy bears, has over 300 in her collection and the Maple leaf is for the Canadian flag.
The next block is very dear to me. My mother in law loved to go to lunch and each time she would visit, we did that a lot! One place we loved in downtown Atlanta, served the biggest sandwiches, you could hardly get your mouth around it. So here is that sandwich. The lettuce is green "crinkled" textured fabric.
This next block is funny and also very helpful. Apparently one year, I scheduled all my appointments for the same week. Yes - the gruesome ones. The first section is the dentist, the middle is a pap smear, mind you, I don't look at the instruments; this is totally from my imagination! The last section is a mamogram. I used to go to a doctor for a breast examination - that's all he did, all day long. My mother died of breast cancer, so this was an important thing for me to do twice a year. One time he asked if I had remembered to have a mamogram. I thought a second and replied with the utmost of certainty YES!, it's in my quilt! So there you go.
More blocks to follow very soon, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting with me. AND.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  1. Judy!
    How funny to read your entry on Y2K. Last year, I was talking at your daughter's New Year's Eve party about how I wish I had documented the Y2K craze. At the party, I got a couple of people saying "Y2K Never Forget" and had worn a plastic Y2K barrette in my hair that I had found in a dollar store a few years after entering the millennium. I am still fascinated by it all. Love your quilt.
    I'm excited that you are working with photographs now too.
    Thanks for the Christmas dinner.