Friday, April 30, 2010

Talented Friends

Recently, I took a break from the gown to visit with some "Fiber Friends". I always leave these get togethers so inspired and fully charged to move forward with my art. This particular day was no exception. Martine House, an accomplished fiber artist does a lot of hand work while working with fiber, glass, metal and other interesting things. Her work is always full of detail, texture and fascinating to see up close and personal. Martine showed us an "accordian type book" she made, each page filled with a piece she created. As you can see lots of metal, fiber and glazes. It's wonderful to see in person. Take a peak. I love the fine wire detail and

the beautiful glazes and threads.
Martine molds and hammers each piece.
Nancy Bruce is my friend the colorist who is quickly becoming a master felter. These pieces are ones I've not seen before. Nancy does wet felting, working with rovings and 3 dimensional shapes which involve using a resist - like a piece of cardboard in between the back and front to prevent a 3 dimensional object from felting to itself.

I love the wonderful color on this piece.
Didn't expect this on the front, did you?
Stay tuned for more showcasing of some wonderful fiber/mixed media work of my talented "Fiber Friends".

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