Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black and White finished!

Today I was determined to finish my black and white piece. I've really had some great fun working on this piece but at times missed working with color. I left lots of room all around - wiggle room as I planned to stretch it over a pre-stretched canvas.  At first I was using ribbons to mark the 24" x 30" size and to see where I should turn each side under. The ribbons weren't working as I could still see beyond the ribbon and visually, couldn't get a good feel for where to end it. I thought of using black strips of fabric that could be moved in and out from the edge.
 They worked great and I'm saving them for another project.  By having them so wide, they block out what's beyond the edge, making it easier to see the boundaries of the piece. I then put a line of large basting stitches around the edge (where the black fabric strips meets the white).  When you stretch a piece, the front faces down and you're pulling the fabric towards the back. It's hard to see what you're doing and know where you want that edge to fold over, having some stitching is a great help.
 So it's done and ready to be framed. I'm thinking a black shadowbox type of frame. It really needs that black edge around it.
So it's not completely done but my part is....HOORAY!