Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Busy Day for PTA

Last Thursday our PTA group met at the home of Janice Maddox to work on a few community projects, also to socialize, share our latest and enjoy a day packed full of playing and fun. We shared some of our latest projects before getting down to business. Barbara Swinea is probably the best piecer I know; her attention to detail and precision gives her such beautiful results.  I love this piece - it's so well done.
 Another signature of Barbaras is the many backgrounds she creates using like fabrics with subtle differences so they seem to melt together - detail below.
 This was a challenge piece that Kate W made. I love the placement of the flowers for so much dimension.
 Gen and her "socks" - Gen is multi-talented and can do just about anything. One of my favorite things is her knitting.  I can't knit (well I've knitted a scarf with size 17 needles and you knit til you run out of the yarn)  SO, this is impressive. I don't know if I could bring myself to wear them, think I might have to have them framed.
 Kate W marbled this beautiful piece of fabric and made it into a whole cloth wall hanging.  She free motion quilted it following the marbling lines - wonderful to see in person.
 Connie created this next piece with just a touch of Rick Rack. I personally love Rick Rack, brings me back in time and Connie features it often in her work.
 After lunch, it was down to business. Mary B had gotten these blocks in a block of the month kind of thing, never used them and thought they might make a nice community quilt.  They were really quite cute, traditional but needed to little TLC, so we ironed, trimmed and started playing.
 Working in Janice's studio is the most fun. It's huge, as is her fabric collection (on the left).  She was telling us that this addition to the house was originally supposed to be an office for her husband.  She asked if he would mind if she could bring her sewing machine down here and as the saying goes - The rest is history.
 This is the second part to her studio, the relaxing and thinking area.
 We're still trying to decide on a border but think it looks quite nice.  Connie brought a bag of yo-yos to use in the intersection of the blocks.
 We also put together a "Quilt of Valor" from a kit the Asheville Quilt Guild is providing.
So lots going on and amazing how much a group can get done in one afternoon.

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