Saturday, April 7, 2012

Charlotte Quilt Guild

I had a great time teaching and doing a lecture at the Charlotte Quilt Guild last week, located in Charlotte, NC.  What a beautiful city. My goal was to go in a little early so I could "unwind" and oh yes, visit their Pottery Barn at a mall close by - I did both (-:  !
   Their evening meeting was packed full - so many nice ladies and such talent as revealed in their wonderful show and tell.  One of my favorite things was their "Flash".  Mind you, I had no idea what to expect when they said "time for the Flash" hmmmmm.......Many stood up all around the room, held up a quilt and counted off...1...2...3...I forget the final number but it was indicative of the amount of community quilts made that month.  I thought that was incredibly clever.  Unfortunately, it happened so fast, I didn't get a single picture, but the quilts were wonderful!
     Next day, the workshop was held in the same building on the 10th floor - What a view! This guild has the good fortune to have the use of the facilities in a condominium for retired people; it is one beautiful place. 
 The skyline of the city was breathtaking.
 And another beautiful view...
The classroom was a huge living room with windows all around - so much natural light, it was glorious for working!
 The workshop I taught was my "Dimensional and Off the Edge Applique".  Students had a choice of several patterns to use to create these fun techniques.
 They were a wonderful group with really good skills and just so much fun!
 I gathered them up to take a picture, they did a great job!
Thank you ladies for such a great day!

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