Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Liebster Award

"Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, beloved or favorite.  The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers - intended to showcase exceptional blogs.  The Liebster Award is recognition from a peer, for which I feel very honored. My thank you goes to my long time friend and fantastic fiber artist - Vita Marie Lovett. Vita recreates old doors with rusty door knobs and latches, lace curtains in the window, flowers growing up the side all done with paint and her amazing threadpainting. The first time I saw one of her doors, I thought I would get splinters if I touched it - that realistic - that good!. Her attention to detail is like no other, you've just got to check it out for yourself.
     One of the rules that come with the award is to select five exceptional blogs to be given the next Liebster Award.  My choices for the Liebster Award for their creative blogs are the following and I must say,  I love every one of these blogs for different reasons. So please check them out - the color, the creativity - the talent is inspiring.  
     First is my friend Marilyn Wall from South Carolina who does beautiful nature quilts but most recently has turned her attention to photo transfers after taking a workshop from Pat Mink.  She's doing some incredible things with layering and printing.   
Anita Heady from Athens,  Georgia is a wonderful art quilter and dyes all her own fabric.  This passion has turned into a business for Anita where she vends at many quilt shows. The most exciting news is that Anita is opening a shop, studio and classroom area in Athens, where she can do her work, sell her fabric and conduct workshops.  It's due to open very soon and I wish her all the best.
Julie Bagamary does beautiful art quilts with spiritual verses on every one.  They are moving and colorful.  Julie teaches many of these wonderful quilting techniques around Asheville like her fabric basket seen below.  Julie also has an Etsy shop where 50% of her proceeds benefits missions.
Robyn Joseph has recently opened the Nice Threads Fiber Gallery in Asheville, a feast for the eyes and fiber lover. Her shop/gallery houses art, sells supplies and holds workshop, demos and is just a lovely place to hang out. Always on hand is someone to help and guide you with projects, ideas and move you forward.
Last is my online friend Marylou Haynes whose blog I discovered by chance and fell in love with it. She is a mixed media artist, a photographer, a maker of altered books. When you open her blog, the imagery will pull you in.  Marylou also offers tutorials on her blog, something I love and appreciate and lots of "give-aways", something else I love.  Below is a sampling of her work.
5 blogs for you to explore all so different and unique from each other, sure to entertain, delight, educate and inspire you. Till next time...

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