Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiber Junkies - Painting Fabric

Our Fiber Junkies group met this past week; the weather was on our side for painting outside.  We decided after exploring paints last month, to use up some of these paints on our "not so pretty" fabrics. We met at Val's house where she had tables all ready for us - with new covers too! We spent the month before looking for the perfect spray bottles, scouring our collection and visiting the dollar store.
 Who Knew?..  that it would turn out to be the butter spray bottle. We have lots of them and now a new incentive to save them. They make a very fine spray - no globbing which was happening with the others.
 This was one of the fabrics - not so bad but a bit bright.
 but with a little paint - a whole new treasure.
 I brought a lot of sheers which I like to paint and then run through the printer.
 This piece of lace really did nicely.
 This was a white sheer with leaves. The paint took everywhere but the leaves - an interesting effect.
 This was my favorite - an old brown linen tablecloth that kate brought. It really came to life when painted, especially with metallics.
 Mary, Kate (and myself who stopped to take the picture) did some larger pieces on the driveway.
 which resulted in some pretty fabric and a new meaning to the words -  "Driveway Art" which Val (from experience) assured us will come off.
 This is one of the cloths covering the tables; they were as nice as our fabrics.
 During lunch and always time to share our latest, this is one sample of the many that Mary brought from Chad Alice Hagen's workshop on resists and felting.
 Val has been working with her deconstructive screened fabric from a previous meeting, a very difficult fabric to work with as it has so much energy.  She has stitched, screened and painted on top to create something wonderful.
 And to save the best for last - someone usually brings dessert. Not that we need it, but it's sure a highlight.  Mary made the very best chocolate mousse that was TO DIE FOR!
A great meeting, new fabrics to play with and lots of inspiration.
On another note, I leave for John C Campbell tomorrow to teach a weeklong workshop, til then - have a great week!

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