Sunday, September 15, 2013

New piece in the works

I love doing these small pieces; I've been making a lot of them for the upcoming fair with the Southern Highland Crafts Guild. Pulling out all the scraps hoping to make a dent in my stash gets me fired up.
I'm pretty messy, leaving no surface untouched...
including my ironing board...
and design wall.
And what is it about cats and fabric.
and their need to sit smack in the middle of it.
My 3 studio assistants keeping watch over my fabric makes me laugh.
I had some sheers along with deconstructive screen printed fabric.
I tried many combinations; the blue in there is throwing me and I'm thinking of covering it with a sheer.
I loved this piece created with a sink mat (looking like rocks) and dyes, but it was too busy for the other fabrics.
I'm experimenting with using a softer sheer with some burned edges to lay on top; I know it needs more but will just have to play with it.

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