Friday, September 27, 2013

Charlottesville Quilt Guild

I just got home from teaching at the Charlottesville Quilt Guild in Virginia. What a great guild. My hubby came along - something he doesn't normally do, but he was a big help carrying all my stuff and being my chauffeur. He also got to visit Monticello and Michie's Tavern - a very old tavern only open for lunch. Lucky guy!! But meanwhile back at the ranch, I had a lot of fun teaching. The ladies were wonderful, supportive and so talented.
The teaching facilities were a joy with lots of room to spread out and 2 huge white boards. There was also a separate room for ironing and a genuine "goody" room.  I was too busy munching to get a picture of the enormous selection of yummies - all home made. The ladies told me they are "foodies" I'm so glad!
Here's one of the gals - Alda working on her project. Alda is a Macro-photographer and showed me some of her amazing photographs she hopes to interpret into fabric someday. She had a great start on her project and I wish I had taken more pictures later on in the day to show some further along - booo on me.
I wish I could remember who did what. The pieces were wonderful. There was silk screening, along with painting and creating imagery for the bottom layer and the top sheer layer.This is a favorite workshop of mine to teach; it's exciting to be around so much creative energy.
This piece was just the starting point and by the end of the day, it looked great. Notice the cute bugs on the tree and the dragonfly in the air - all screened on the bottom layer so the sheer tones it down a bit.
The starting point on this piece utilized all silks, many of them kimona silk and pieced together along with overlapping to get some great effects.  I love the mountains where they overlap and create a darker area
This piece was so clever - after the tree was silk screened, the top of the tree was then screened on the bottom to create an obvious root.  It's covered with a sheer so hard to see - really wonderful.
I loved this piece - just the beginning stages but the underneath layer was subtle and interesting with touches of blue, black, white and gray. I know there's to be some blue added to the top which will give it a sparkle.
Yvonne was very clever as she used the sampler from the day before's workshop on machine applique and added to it.  She actually used a mottled piece of tulle as an overlay instead of organza which was very effective. When I got home, I made a trip to JoAnne Fabrics where she got this tulle. I had to have some but our store didn't carry it.  It made quite a difference in the feel of the piece.
I know this was Kathie's piece - beginning stages as she went back and added a deeper cranberry on the top layer. I get so caught up in their creativity, I just plain forget to take pictures, but I must say that all the wonderful ladies in this workshop were working outside of their comfort zone and doing a great job. I've asked them to send me a picture of the finished piece, whenever that might be. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more on their work not too far in the distant future   (-:

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