Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pisgah Inn

The Pisgah Inn which I've mentioned before in my blog is a nice little restaurant located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway itself is 2 lanes that meanders through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is truly a national treasure and beautiful to drive on.  It is slow going but the views are incredible.
 The Pisgah Inn is near Pisgah mountain which is over 5,000 feet high so a tad bit colder than where I'm coming from.  A while back our PTA group got involved with hanging quilts in the inn.
 It was a win-win situation for everyone and has grown into something of a large ongoing "quilt show".
 Presently there are 23 quilts in the dining hall - all very visible to visitors to the restaurant but out of reach to those who might want to touch.
 We have a new batch of quilts on display now. The inn will close the end of October as the roads can get pretty treacherous once the cold weather sets in, but come March and we'll be having our quilts on display and for sale once again.
 The Pisgah Inn wanted to add more rods for hanging quilts in the dining area itself.
 It takes your breath away to walk in and see all this wonderful work.
 This is the view from the restaurant, doesn't get any better than this.
 and of course, any trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway wouldn't be complete without pictures of trees. This one was great.
 And a close-up of a butterfly loving this thistle. Nature is great.
I'm loving this time of year and try to remember to stop and smell the roses or the thistles - ouch!

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