Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fiber Junkies

A day of deconstructive screen printing - one of our favorite things to do was on the agenda for August.  We always meet at Vals as she has such a great wet space for this.  
 Val mixed up all the paste mix and some dye colors - we added to the dye table so we would have a good variety of color.
 Val makes sure we all have our own space to work.
 We "pool" all our texture items on the ground outside the garage so there's lots to choose from.  For a good tutorial on the process, go to Mary Stori's recent blog (a couple of blogs ago) on this.
 We've laid down our objects and screened over them with a colored print paste, then placed them in the sun to dry. Don't know if you can tell, but some of the screens are very flat and not your typical silk screen.
 They have been officially named by Kerr Grabowski as the "Denny" screen. Denny Webster and I were in the same week long workshop with Kerr at John Campbell. Denny came up with this idea for making silk screens using removable window screens. It's a great idea and I hope to go to Walmart and get some if they are still available;  it's a seasonable item. If I can find them and with Denny's go-ahead, I'll share how to do this....What I love about them? - they are strong and very thin, making them easy to store.
 One of Denny's screens had a web on it, done permanently as it's being used in a series.  I love spider webs and would love a silk screen of one.  A friend of mine from years ago, spray painted one with a fine mist and quickly put a piece of paper behind it to get the imprint.  I've watched spiders go to town with such diligence in building their web, it's hard to destroy one...PLUS, I'm afraid of spiders so I don't want to make them mad! But this is a good option!
 Gen did this print which is actually 4 separate prints and then very cleverly connected the white areas in between with color so she can use it as a whole cloth if she wants.
 Denny did a lot of overlapping with her printing, making it very effective.
 Kate was determined to use every last bit of dye on every screen, often using a dye color instead of clear print paste mix.
 She had some great results - I'm not sure what texture items she used...looks like some kind of grid mat or kitchen sink mat.
 This was Gens first attempt at this technique....the rest of our group have all done it before...As always.... Gen mastered it quickly and her prints were great.
Lunch was in our usual and favorite spot - in the treetops.  Vals house is high up and sitting on her deck is like sitting in the trees.  The view overlooks the city of Asheville...We also have this wonderful hand dyed table cloth that Val made........Just For Us  ( - :
Check back tomorrow for more results of our printing.

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