Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Working with friends

More results from our screen printing day at Vals. As a rule, I usually work in so many colors (to try them all) and wind up with bits and pieces. This time around I was going to try and work with only a few.  One of my favorite colors is Havana brown which is a grayish- green brown, also smokey grey - a blue grey and Marine blue. I had swatches to refer to and thought it would be a nice combination.
 Well yikes it looks black and awful. The screen while drying was very dark so I didn't know what to expect and right now I'm not happy with the results.
 This was the other screen done in Marine blue; I will have to wait and see until after it's washed.
 Kate had some good results using a kitchen mat with a flower motif.
 She didn't like all the white areas; she went back over it with more color, moving the screen just the slightest bit so the design was not lined up. It was very effective.
 Denny did a lot of layering when she screened. I love the feel that she got with this piece. I will have to try this, it has so much dimension.
 Fast forward 24 hours and here are the results and to my surprise, I'm pretty happy with them. They washed out well and I like the color. They probably could have used another color but I can re-soak them in ash and go over them with color which I might do.
 I do like the little bit of green on the right one.
 This was a totally hopeless piece. I went over it in yellow; it dried and then used some green.
 These were the 3 I gave up for lost. Very little of the brown came through, Instead the blue and grey which I like and just a tad of brown in the upper left side.
 This one I'm really pleased with; I added a lighter blue and that really made the difference.
Kate loves green and suggested a green over this one which I now love. I think I will do some discharging on it to create some light areas, but overall, I think it's a good piece.
There is so much to be said for working with friends, besides the wonderful social aspect of it, the brainstorming and feedback. I easily miss so much while working so close to something but someone  will walk by and suggest green or blue or......and it's the missing ingredient that just seems to make it work. A good day.

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