Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fabric Hanging System

It was raining all day today, we even had tornado warnings for a while. But it was nice to cozy up in my studio with some hot tea, a movie and the gown! I finished basting the different pieces of the gown fabric and organza together and was trying to figure out how to hang them. They needed to be protected and free from wrinkling. A while back I came up with this system for hanging and storing the scarves I make for the Southern Highland Craft Guild Fair.It's a nice system as it keeps the fabric from getting a crease at the point where it flips over the hanger wire.I recycle a heavy cardboard tube - ones from wrapping paper are too light weight. This tube is from a roll of fabric. Often a chain fabric store will part with one; they're plentiful in the drapery fabric department.
The tube itself is very thick and sturdy. I use a razor blade - DO THIS WITH THE UTMOST OF CAUTION, or use a carton cutter if you have one. It has a little more protection when holding it. After cutting the length I need (which is the length of the hanger bottom minus 1"), I slice through the length of the cardboard so I can "open" up the tube and slip it onto the hanger bottom. I then cover the tube with batting and secure it in place with a piece of tape at the ends and middle.
The great thing about this hanging system is that the fabric sticks to it, like it would to a flannel board. And because it's tubular, there's no crease in the fabric where it would normally bend over the wire.
Pretty cool - I have about 5 of these hangers; they work beautifully with scarves and now for the wedding gown panels.


  1. Here's a another tip.....if you can't find a sturdy cardboard tube..
    Purchase foam insulating tubes at your favorite big box home store. They are used to cover pipes and come in various widths and come with already cut with a lengthwise slit. Look for them in the plumbing section. Recover with flannel to protect your fabric.

  2. Great ideas! Thank you so much.
    And the gown is looking so lovely!