Monday, January 18, 2010

Lake Logan Retreat Projects

At our recent retreat and in between all the talking, laughing, aerobics, eating and sharing, we actually managed to get some work done. We all brought design walls so it was great fun to see a room full of creativity, color and beautiful "starts". Georgia started this wonderful floating blocks quilt. It's almost ready to be quilted!
Some really great prints

Mary was working on this quilt for her son and daughter-in-law - lucky couple! I love touches of red here and there.
Barbara did several projects, one was a baby quilt top made with simple printed blocks and pastel fabrics. It was simple and so sweet.

Janice and Leigh Ann both were working on this intricate pieced design. Depending on how you place the equilateral triangle will give you different effects. It was fun to see all the possibilities.
Barbara, again was also working on this wonderful red and white pieced quilt. Barbara is a master'll agree when you see the last picture in this post!
This is Leigh Anns equilateral triangle quilt. Different fabrics give it such a different look.
And mine - the "non-piecer" decided to try one. I really had a lot of fun and it's now hanging on my design wall - will see where it goes.
Okay, so here is more of Barbara's mastery. She had made this a while back. It was hanging on one of the design walls and for hours, really hours, I walked by it and thought - that's some neat brick fabric. Someone chimed in and said "isn't that amazing, it's all pieced" No Way, I thought - so I had to examine it up close and personal. And yes, it was pieced - the Amazing Barbara!

So there you have it, I can't believe it's come and gone. Only 358 more days until our next retreat - but who's counting!

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