Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals and Dreams

One of my happiest projects for 2010 is to make my daughter's wedding gown. It will be a new adventure for me and even though I made my own gown many years ago, gowns have changed a lot! I've never done a bustle (my own gown had a removeable train). I've never done boning (mine was not strapless nor did it need extra support), and this one is lace - all lace. Ask me if I'm nervous? YES! Ask me if I'm excited? YES! Ask me if I know what I'm doing? a meak yes and no, BUT  I have a good support team from friends who have done this before and a great store that will hold my hand throughout the process and my good buddy Mary Stori who is a master beader. So I was beginning to feel more confident by the moment - that is until The Dream the other night. It scared the "bee-gee-bees" out of me.
My friend Connie gave me a gift of some "basting thread" knowing I would be making a muslin first and taking out and redoing seams to make it the correct fit. Wash-A-Way is perfect for this kind of thing. It's water soluble, just spritz and it's gone. The problem is, it looks very similar to most threads.
In my dream, I accidentally used this thread to construct the entire gown. My daughter is having a May garden wedding, a beautiful month when the sun shines all the time, but in the dream it rains! And as you might imagine, the dress started to come apart. I was beside myself;  the minute I woke up, I went to my studio and tacked the thread in the package on my bulletin board -  far away from all other threads.
There's an expression I often hear - "may all your dreams come true". It has taken on a new meaning for me!
I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you. I'll be on the road this week to teach and lecture, hope you have a wonderful week.

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