Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Selvages, Seams and Pretty Things

I worked on my daughter's gown today. Sewing the seams on the charmeuse shell went smoothly. In those areas where the skirt flared, the seam was total bias and could stretch out over time. I thought to use the cut off selvage edges to sew into the seams as a stabilizer. The selvage is the tightest part of the fabric with no flexibility; it makes the perfect "stay" for anywhere you need stability.
I used a large stitch, not quite basting but larger than a normal stitch length.
I now have a whole mess of selvage strips in organza, China and charmeuse. All the leftovers will go to my friend Nancy who dyes everything in sight that is white. I'm anxious to see what she does with these (no pressure, Nancy)!
I took a break yesterday from "the gown" to go to the first meeting and (planning session) of the year for Fiber Junkies - a small and very talented group of fiber artists. It's going to be an exciting year with lots to look forward to. While there,  Patsy Thompson gave each of us these wonderful pincushions she made with bamboo and rayon felt on one side, synthetic and cotton (second layer) on other side with lots of beautiful machine quilting and for texture - some burned out areas.
I love mine; I have it next to my sewing machine where it can be used and admired. All my favorite things find a place in my studio, the room I spend the most time in. Thanks Patsy.

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