Thursday, April 23, 2009

Faces From the Past II

I'm working in a series using faces and old documents - I call the series "Faces From the Past". This piece was created using "left-overs" from the first piece of the same name. I really liked the imagery and color so I put together another smaller piece. This piece uses more faces as imagery and other techniques the first one didn't utilize. Faces II uses fabric I have created through dyeing, discharging, potato dextrose resist, screening and stamping.
The detail below shows a postcard image that's been screened on the piece. The meandering line was created by dropping ink on top of the fabric and blowing through a straw. The right side of the piece was created using potato dextrose resist, then painted over with procion mx dyes. I've had this fabric in my stash forever and it was a great "find" when I came upon it. The dark green rayon is screened with discharge paste and stamped.
The rayon background fabric for the detail below was painted with silk paint and spinkled with salt. The face is a picture my son drew and made into a silk screen.
The larger detail below shows a basket left over from another project. I liked the way it worked both color and shape wise.
A close-up of the side of the quilt and my favorite stamp/stencil. When our house was being built, the tile guy used a grid like material when working on the bathrooms - think it was used as a base for placing tiles.  It's a sticky material with square like openings and perfect for laying on fabric and stenciling with paint or discharge paste. In this case I used discharge paste.
This next detail was so fascinating - part of the potato dextrose fabric in my stash. This is how it originally appeared and as I looked at it, I began to see an "eye".  I love faces and thought it was fate to have this fabric turn up at this time. I enhanced it ever so slightly
using a Pigma pen.
It's very subtle but definitely has an eery effect - kind of like somebody watching, but I do like it.
It was an interesting piece to make and utilized many techniques I enjoy doing - hope you enjoy it too.

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