Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Adventures, Funny Friends

We all know them and have them in our life - our "funny friends" They keep us laughing. In our PTA group, it's Linda Cantrell. Mind you, Linda doesn't work hard at it. It just seems to happen. Like take yesterday for instance, our group had a field trip to Weaverville to do lunch, antique and just check out local fun stuff. One of our stops was at this wonderful spa - the Secret Garden. The front yard had some amazing antiques - a childs tricyle, a small chair and bench. Linda decided to try a turn at the tricycle and GOT STUCK!

There was a beautiful pond with the most colorful fish. Lynne is a-gazing at them.
I love the way the trees are reflected in the pool. This will be part of a quilt someday, I'm sure!

And these beautiful winter trees with all the configuration of branches - such interesting images.
Such a fun day.

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